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RécréAnglais, a powerful network!

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Today we want to introduce you to RécréAnglais and its founder Sidonie Bouvier. We have been watching her over the years grow the women's network of English mini schools and thought it was about time to interview her and feature RécréAnglais on our blog!

Q. Hi Sidonie, what is RécréAnglais all about? A. RécréAnglais is a women’s network of 100 mini schools and independent certificated RécréAnglais teachers. A 100 of women willing to work in France, to convert to a new career, to enjoy a new way of working and living! A real and collaborative network of expats, 20 different nationalities, English natives and girls having plenty in common! A turn key project for every women, whatever their age or their career!

As a Franchise we proved all that is needed to launch a business, all the support, advices, tools needed. As an ‘organisme de formation’ we give all the trainings and the certifications needed to become independent and to become a RécréAnglais teachers to teach to little ones with the ‘activity based approach’. Our concept is to teach English children from 3 to 11 years in a fun and natural way, to make them sing, play and have fun all in English. We pick them up from school, in little groups 4 to 6 kids maximum, for Lunch time, Tea Time or Brunch time. 2 hours time, sharing a quick lunch or snack, teaching the kids all the daily routines and teaching them all they need to talk English, with all our program, all our lessons and games and tools needed.

RécréAnglais teaches English to children in a fun and natural way.

Q. Can you tell a little bit about yourself ? A. Well my mother tongue is English, my family is part English, American, Iranian and French but I grow up in between France and England. I traveled in between the 2 counties until I finished my studies in England. I graduated from Coventry University with a Bachelor in European Business and technology in 1998 and got to travel all around Europe, Australia and Asia until I met my husband in Grenoble in 2001. I’ve worked in a startup company as an export manager, always traveling and working crazy hours until my 30s when I got pregnant with my first boy Sasha. I decided then to change my life, quit my job and go back to my studies! I needed a break, I needed to move on, allow myself living in a different way, I needed life to make sense, to work in a different way, to have more time for my son and for myself! As English has always been part of my life and my mother tongue, my dream was to find a way to teach English to the little ones and this in a fun and natural way!

Q. How did you come up with the concept of the mini school RécréAnglais?

A. As a mom, I wanted to bring up a concept that was good for kids and also that would make life easier for parents! But I also needed to stick to my needs, to my dreams. My dream to be independent, work for myself and also to take care of my children, spend more time with my family and have more free time for myself. Our concept is to have children for Lunch time, team time or Brunch time during school time which is totally suitable with my life, with being a mum!

Q. What challenges did you face as a new entrepreneur in France?

A. It was a real challenge as the French administration isn’t easy to deal with. But I started as a ‘micro-entrepreneur’ which was much easier to deal with. I do now share all this experience with the girls joining our network. I did realise that it would really be a great help for all the girls moving to France to help them with all these questions and having to become independent too!

Q. How many partners and mini schools do you have so far? A. 100 mini schools and independent RécréAnglais teachers all over the country.

Sidonie Bouvier, founder of RécréAnglais

Q. What are RécréAnglais's new projects fort the next 5 years?

A. Loads of projets are coming up as we are creating new programs for exemple for schools but also for our teaching plateform! Loads of teaching workshops and training tips to teach to children, and much more to come…

RécréAnglais is currently hiring new partners ("formateurs",) are you looking for a career transition? Are you a new expat interested in teaching English to children? Inquire at and see if it could be a suitableopportunity for you!


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