Meet your experts in relocation services, located in Grenoble, the heart of the French Alps!

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Gabrielle COL
Gabrielle has lived, worked and studied in the USA, UK, Germany, Cyprus and France for many years.
After moving so many times herself, she is very familiar with the ups and downs of relocating.
With 5 years of experience as a relocation agent with Crown Relocation, Gabrielle brings a solid expertise assisting expatriates relocate to France. With her own personal experience and empathy, she has already helped many families build a new life for themselves (see Testimonials).
Gabrielle has lived in Grenoble for almost 3 years and she knows the nitty gritty of the city and the region.
She holds a degree in Business & Marketing and BSc in Interior Design.

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Native of Grenoble, Fanny has lived in Paris, Perpignan, Austria and Canada. She is an extensive traveller and her trips took her to Australia, Thailand, Morocco, USA and Argentina. After spending 8 beautiful years in Vancouver BC, Fanny came back "home" to be closer to her family and enjoy the French lifestyle that she had missed a lot. 
Fanny fully understands the expatriate's journey from excitement, challenges to sometimes disappointment.
She not only knows what it means to move abroad but also what it implies for an expatriate to go back home. She brings a real expertise about her hometown as well as with dealing with the French bureaucracy.  
Fanny holds a degree in Tourism Management and has a background in marketing, customer service and event planning

Originally from Zaragoza, Spain, Pilar lived in London, Milan, Chamonix, Paris and Vancouver and finally settled in Grenoble 13 years ago. Through her experience she understands perfectly how to successfully integrate into a new host country, especially in France, where she feels at home.
Dynamic and joyous by nature, she is an inexhaustible source of practical tips that will simplify your daily life. She holds a scientific degree and a master's degree in wealth management.