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Settling-In Services  

There are many other relocation services we offer, that you can add to your Home Search Package, or at any other time during your stay in Grenoble. Contact us for prices and/or service proposals!


  • Provide names and contacts of local banks

  • Advise you on documents needed to set up an account

  • Make an appointment with bank and assist with the application process


  • Assistance in exchanging or getting your French driver licence

  • Assistance in car rental, lease or purchase


  • Help getting the local transport card - TAG

  • Information and help on the rental of the city bikes - Métro Vélo


  • Research sports clubs and activities available in your area, for kids and/or adults

  • Provide assistance in the translation of any information or contracts 


  • Tour some local grocery stores and shops to help you find those 'can't do without' item


  • Review and explain home-related invoices and correspondence for utility bills, rent adjustments, banking, schools etc.


  • Help in finding the institution of your faith


  • Help with information on various mobile phone providers

  • Help setting up a mobile phone account


  • Provide contacts for furniture rental 

  • Negotiate contract for furniture rental and organise delivery


  • Provide consultation on interior designing your new home

  • Locate and schedule reliable artisans for home improvements or repairs (electricians, plumbers, painters, locksmiths, handymen . . .)


  • Provide names of English speaking Doctor/Dentist/Orthodontiste and/or Optician in your neighbourhood

  • Help with paperwork for the medical card, Carte Vitale, if eligible


  • Help you find the right language course, school or teacher


  • Provide names and contacts of local vets

  • Help finding a pet sitter

  • Help finding a local dog salon 

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