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Spousal/Partner Support

One of the most important aspects about relocating, is to provide your partner with a sense of belonging and purpose. We can focus on a range of areas to help your partner settle in either with finding new employment where immigration legislation allows, finding educational opportunities, or introducing them to expat groups for socialising. Giving this kind of support to your partner, increases your chances of a successful assignment. Contact us for prices and/or service proposals!


  • Put together a needs analysis report to find out partner's


  • Establish an action plan with various contacts depending
    on action chosen


  • Organise contacts with the right organisations for local recruitment

  • Introduction to expat  clubs and organisations

  • Organise lunch or coffee with an expat to find someone who has gone through the same experiences and can provide useful information and friendship

  • Assistance in finding various sports, special interest clubs societies and organisations.

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