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Free Relocation Services

Do you know about the mobility assistance MOBILI-PASS®?  It is a housing support program available for employees starting a new position or being transferred further than 75 km from their current home town. Contact us for more information and to see if you qualify. 



MOBILI-PASS is a housing support program funded by companies who pay into the 1% housing contribution scheme. If you are starting a new job or are being transferred, you may qualify and have access to free relocation services.  


You can qualify for the mobility assistance with MOBILI-PASS® if:


  • The company you work for has 10 or more employees

  • The company you work for pays into the '1% Logement' contribution scheme (housing support program)

  • You are starting a new  permanent position or are being transferred further than 75 kms from your initial home town

  • You haven't used  MOBILI-PASS® in the last 24 months


If you are entitled to MOBILI-PASS®, you can then receive a contribution to cover some of the costs of your move such as: 

- Relocation company fees and/or

- Fees for leases, mortgages, attorneys, bailiffs etc


Financial contribution :

  • 2 200 € VAT included, maximum 

  • The fees for the relocation services are paid directly by the housing support program, '1% de logement'


For more information, please contact us directly or visit (information in French):

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