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5 reasons why you should hire a relocation agent

Relocation to France Grenoble
Ready to conquer the world?

You might be in the process of “relocating” to France. Therefore you may or may not know what relocation is about. But we will still use a few lines here to “inform” newcomers about what relocation is really about and why hiring a relocation agent can really - really! - help you through the process of moving to a new home.


Relocation services usually include employee relocation and workforce mobility, people who are transferred within the same company or were offered a great opportunity abroad. Relocation services also apply to people willing to start a new life somewhere else. Whatever your personal situation is, it will for sure involve a LOT of steps and energy before you feel fully settled!

Here are the reasons why you might want to hire a relocation agent

1/ Home Search

Home search Grenoble
It will take some research to find your new home

House searching is one of the biggest steps of your move. You are leaving a house you have probably had for many years and - are very attached to – in order to move to a new country, city, work place and culture. So needless to say that finding a home that suits you, where you feel at home and where new memories can be made is crucial to the success of your move. Relocation agents can help you find your new “home sweet home”. After asking you to fill out a questionnaire, they compile a list of available apartments, schedule and/or accompany you to visits, assist you with the lease agreement contract and help you with settling in. A relocation agent has a strong experience in home searching that includes being up-to-date with housing market trends, knowledge of the pros and cons of each city district, a great network with agencies and a real sense of catering your needs.

2/ Settling in paperwork

Settling in Services Grenoble
The Process to go through all the paperwork in order to settle in France can be quite intense

If you are getting transferred by your company you will most likely get some help deal with all the paper work that is required to live in France. If you are moving on your own, no panic, there is a lot of information online that can guide you through the process. However, a relocation agent can do a lot for you by mastering the language of French bureaucratie and being an expert in working hand in hand with all the different public organizations. Here is a glance of what you need to go through in terms of paper work to settle in France:

  • Banking

  • Medical / Health Insurance

  • Buying a car

  • Getting your driver’s license

  • Public transport

  • Phone plan

  • Childcare if eligible

  • Home/car insurance

3/ Schooling & Daycare

Schooling Daycare Relocation France Grenoble
Finding the best school for you children is key in the success of your move

Let’s be honest, relocating to France with your family will require more steps. Not only will you need to look after your own wellbeing but also after the one of your own children. Finding the right university, school or daycare for them will be key in their integration to a new country and culture. A relocation agency is definitely an asset in assisting with schooling and daycare, they know what system is available, when and how to apply and can even be present at the visits or interviews. They can also go beyond and look for after school activities for your children based on their interests

Schooling / Daycare services usually include:

  • Overview of schools/activities in the area

  • Visit of the short listed schools

  • Assistants with the application process

4/ Spouse & Partner Support

Relocation spouse partner support
It is crucial for your partner to make new friends and find fun activities

Once your children are taking care of, it is important to start thinking about how your spouse or partner will feel in your new location, especially if he/she followed you to the new destination, leaving behind a cozy home, friends/family and probably a good occupation. A relocation agent can provide support to your partner either with finding work, education and even social opportunities. They can also assist with finding activities that suits you the best. Giving this kind of support increases your chances of a successful assignment.

5 / Culture shock

Culture shock Expatriates' life
Even a slight culture shock can be disturbing to any newcomer

Depending on where you relocate, the level of culture shock varies but can still disorient you and slow your integration process. Change of day-to-day language, new traditions or ways of driving are the major differences you will face in a new country. However, keep in mind that even a slight culture change can be disturbing and shouldn’t be undermined. For example, your first grocery shopping trip can be a challenge and could bring you back home with products that you are very unfamiliar with. Your relocation agent is either a local or an expatriate who has lived many years in your new location. He/she will be able to introduce your to the local culture and help you make you used to a lot of new habits.

Are you relocating to Grenoble, Isère or Rhône-Alpes? At Breeze Relocation our core business is to offer relocation services to anyone moving to heart of the French Alps. We offer personable services that include:

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Leticia Watkins
Leticia Watkins
Jan 22

I recently used Toronto Movers for my home relocation, and I am extremely satisfied with their service. The team was friendly, and hardworking, and took the stress out of the moving process.

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