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Sweater weather is here, and there’s plenty to do in Grenoble to make the most of it.

Autumn is the right time to go for a walk in the forest, see the autumn colors, pick mushrooms (for those who are connoisseurs) and collect the tasty chestnuts that once cooked will delight everyone (see recipes). It’s also time for school holidays and all the fun that comes with it!

It's chestnut season!

Here are the top activities to do this Fall and during the school holidays.

A variety of cultural events are offered in conjunction with the school vacations that will take place from October 25th to November 7th (yes, France is a little bit crazy with so many festivities!). Activities for the youngest members of the family are certainly a priority, but there are also events and activities for all audiences. So, we thought we’d gather the main ones for you in this blog to help you make the most of your Fall, and to keep the little ones busy during their school break.

A Mountain Film Meeting (Rencontres Ciné Montagne), November 2nd-6th

Ciné Montagne 2021 - Grenoble

Ciné Montagnes takes place at the Palais des Sports in Grenoble, in the heart of the Alps! A must-see event, recognised as the most important of its kind in Europe with more than 20,000 spectators each year . For more information please follow the link below.

The five evenings are structured around the projection of mountain films, in the presence of their protagonists and directors, who are among the most active in the mountain world. They are interviewed every evening live on the big stage.

Long live the holidays! (Vive les vacances)!, October 24th – November 3rd

VLV - Vive les Vacances 2021

When several theaters in the Grenoble area decide to open their doors to a young audience during the school vacations, we can only applaud them! The shows are for children from 6 months to adolescence and include dancing, theater, music, puppets and circus. There will be 26 different shows during the short school holidays.

Vive les Vacances, is a program launched in 2013 that bears its name rather well. The project was born out of a desire to highlight the vitality of live performances for young people and to multiply their strengths, to seek out new audiences, so that all children can encounter the arts.

For more information see links below :

The 10 days of culture (Les 10 jours de la culture), October 16th-28th

10 Jours de la Culture - 2021 Grenoble
10 Jours de la Culture - 2021

Les 10 Jours de la Culture puts the spotlight on the artistic effervescence and wealth of the cultural heritage in the Grenoble area! This year they will highlight the changes we have made in our lives to try and sustain our planet during these very turbulent times.

Circus, cinema, music, exhibitions, dance, readings, street art, science, festivals and much more. For this third edition, the 10 Days of Culture continues to enrich the territory of the Grenoble area with over a 100 events.

There's all that! (Y’a tout ça !), Festival of humour & creation, Villard-de-Lans, October 28th - 31st

Festival de Théâtre Y'a Tout Ça! - 2021 Grenoble
Festival de Théâtre Y'a Tout Ça! - 2021

For this Fall edition, now called "Y'a tout ça!", you will find dance, music, humour and theatre. Serious subjects will be treated with humour, and always the same requirement: to offer you a stage renowned for the quality of its shows.

Bring the children with you to Villard de Lans, to discover the exhibitions by the artists to discover their world.

Marchés aux puces (Brocantes and Vide Greniers), October 17th, October 24th and November 6th

Les Brocantes de Grenoble
Les Brocantes de Grenoble

Strolling through the brocantes are a great way to discover different neighbourhoods in and around Grenoble, to soak in the atmosphere and, why not take home a unique piece, a good book or a toy in anticipation of the Christmas Holidays. Sometimes you can also find street vendors for quick bite to eat. Here are some of the upcoming markets to look forward to:

  • Les Quays de Saint Laurent in Grenoble. Sunday October 17th 2021. Whilst you are there enjoy one of many the pizzerias of the area!

  • Vide-greniers at the parking des Esplanades in Grenoble, on Sunday Octobre 24th 2021

  • Brocante du quartier Hoche in Grenoble, Saturday, November 6th 2021

Food Transition Month (Mois de la transition alimentaire), September 22nd – October 31st

Mois de la Transition Alimentaire 2021
Mois de la Transition Alimentaire 2021

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Food Transition Month! For many years the region has been trying to transition into more ecological ways of growing food, and the benefits of this are now starting to show. The one month long program will have debates, films, conferences, workshops and many other ways to show you how they achieved this and how we can also contribute.

Here are some of our picks :

La Grande tablée, Trièves Transitions Ecologie, October 23rd 2021

Par ici la Bonne Soupe - A meal shared in the evening, around a good soup prepared by everyone and for everyone with the help of Pep's Trièves.

Collecting and exchanging our seeds, a commitment to food sovereignty, Grenoble, October 26th

The objectives: to raise awareness of farmers rights, to discuss seeds at a farmer's and gardener's scale and point of view, to give us empowerment on our food and to promote the importance of networking on a neighbourhood and city scale.

The mushroom and chestnut picking season is here!

Mushroom picking in the Alps - Grenoble
Mushroom picking in the Alps

Autumn is here and, with it, the first mushrooms appear in the undergrowth to the delight of walkers. Numerous varieties of mushrooms will be available in stores and open-air marke

To cook them, just make an incision on the shell (otherwise they will burst) put them in the oven at 200° for about 15 to 25 minutes (or until they look tender and the shell comes off easily). Take them out and put them in a cloth and press a little to remove the shell. Eat while they’re still warm. Or add them to a recipe like the one below.

You can also microwave them or boil them. Just always make sure to make an incision or cut them in half.

Some history: the chestnuts were known as "wooden bread", because of the chestnut flour used to make bread.

Our recipe

  • Dhal: cook chestnuts with lentils and Indian spices (turmeric, curry, cumin, chili). Puree and add fresh cream or yogurt. Be aware that it is also necessary to make an incision on the shell before roasting it in the oven to prevent the chestnut from bursting in the heat.

  • Soup: cook some chestnuts in the oven, add them to your butternut soup, mix and enjoy!

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this delicious delicacy (see recipes).


Some info about chesnuts:

If you walk on a trail with trees, chances are you will find plenty of delicious chestnuts on the ground waiting for you to pick up. Bring them home, put them a recipient with water. Throw out the ones that float to the surface. Keep the other ones, and cook them.


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