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English speaking activities and groups to join in September!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Have you recently relocated to Grenoble? Are you searching for fun, new things to do this year but still struggling with French? We have gathered many of the English speaking activities, groups and clubs to join in the city that will definitely help you settle down smoothly, keep you busy, learn new things and socialize - all very key factors to make your move to Grenoble a success :-)

Yes! Yoga classes in English can be found in Grenoble



The Gutsy Kind

Offers yoga classes in English with the goal of making holistic health fun, accessible and available to the local community.

Location: 2 rue de la République, Grenoble

Contact: Amanda /

A Quest for Peace

English-speaking yoga studio in Grenoble. Classes are designed to find inner peace through yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

Location: 8 rue de Drac, Grenoble

Contact: Gerone / 07 67 60 01 03


English Swimming Lessons

Every Wednesday 12:15 - 13:00 Beginner Class or 13:15 - 14:00 Intermediate Class

Location: Piscine Bulle d'O, 12 rue Henri le Chatelier, Grenoble

Contact: Basile Reveilhac /


ASF Taekwon-Do club

Based in Fontaine, the club offers classes for all ages starting from 6 years old. Classes are both in English and French.

Location: Gymnase Robert Vial or Dojo Karl Max in Fontaine

American Football

Les Centaures de Grenoble

Grenoble's American Football club, all the coaches speak English.

Location: 23, Boulevard Gambetta BP121, Grenoble Contact: 04 26 78 05 10


Biodanza with Aly Baker

Aly Baker offers Biodanza classes, a system of movement based around a sequence of different dances that unleash your vitality and creativity.

Location: La Bulle de Bonheur, 9 Rue Jacques Thibaud, Grenoble

Contact: 06 70 09 35 39 -


Open House Grenoble

Open House was created in 1987 to support the growing English speaking international community in Grenoble to come together, integrate and make new friends. Open House runs a wide range of activities, from coffee chat, tots group to cultural outings. Based on membership.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is here to help you integrate into French life better, and to make new friends in a fun and sociable way. They organise cultural outings in the region, outdoor activities and culinary classes and events. Based on membership.

Socializing and making friends is crucial when moving to a new city

WWNG - Working Women's Network Grenoble

Networking for English-speaking professional women living and working in the Grenoble area. Based on membership.

Toastmasters Grenoble

Bilingual Toastmaster club to help you improve your speaking skills. Based on membership. Location: Co-work, 16 boulevard Marechal Lyautey, Grenoble

Internations Grenoble

Network for expats around the globe to connect with other global minds, both online and in person, and share tips and advice on living and working abroad. Based on membership



Waterfall༄wellness offers aromatherapy massages as well as consultations and workshops in English.

Retreats At only 1h from Grenoble, Caroline Purkhardt and her team offer retreats at the Lauvitel Lodge throughout the year (stillness in action, couple getaway, French Immersion...), all in English!

Location: Lauvitel Lodge - La Danchère, 38520 Venosc

Contact: Caroline /


Barbara Ziegler offers Feldenkrais classes in French and English, a gentle movement based approach for anyone who wants to reconnect with their natural abilities to move, think and feel with greater ease and confidence.

Location: Sense and Sensibility Project Space, 2 Rue de la République, Grenoble

Contact: - 06 66 70 06 49

Taking care of yourself is also key to the success of your move


Active Adaptation Counselling

Counsellor Trudi Penkler offers Active Adaptation Counselling in French and English, helping with the challenge of adapting in a new culture.

Location: Sense and Sensibility Project Space, 2 Rue de la République, Grenoble

Contact: - 04 76 98 93 85


Mia Bentley offers psychotherapy and counselling both in English and French.

Location: Cabinet La Source, 15 Quai Jonkind, Grenoble

Contact: - 06 38 27 55 95

Elizabeth Stone Matho offers psychotherapy as well as art therapy in English,

Location: Near place de Verdun, Grenoble

Contact: 04 76 54 03 12 -


Storytelling in English

The International Library of Grenoble organizes storytelling in English and in other languages. Call them directly to inquire about dates and times (flyers are also available on site).

Location: 6 place de Sfax, Grenoble

Contact: 04 38 12 25 41

Storytelling in English at the International Library of Grenoble

Kids English Theatre

The association Une Autre Monde offers theatre classes in English for children aged from 7 to 10 years old.

Location : Villa  des  Alpes,   5  rue  Doyen  Gosse, La Tronche

Contact: 06 82 48 85 31 -

Tots Group with Open House

Open House runs a Tots Group that meets every Thursday from 9:30 to 11:00 am. There are 4 to 8 families coming every week. Each week a theme is decided and families bring theme-related toys or books to share. Based on membership.


Finally, don't miss out the Forum des Associations this Saturday September 14th at Le Palais des Sports de Grenoble to meet with all the associations in the Grenoble area and join fun activities and/or causes that matter to you. Most of them will be with French speaking members but... wouldn't it be a great way to improve your French? (A blog about how to improve your French in Grenoble is coming up in the next months.)

Forum des Associations de Grenoble / Associations fair in Grenoble



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