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It's Garage Sale & Brocante Season!

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Phew the first weeks of September are over! You have probably just settled in your house or apartment, getting used to your new life in France and Grenoble. While it can be quite challenging and tiring to start living abroad from scratch, browsing for new furniture can sure be fun in France. Plenty of garage sales, bric-a-brac trades, flea markets and antique trades are happening throughout September, October and even November, and they are all free for visitors, unless you want to participate.

You can find unique treasures when shopping street markets in Grenoble, France!

Feeling a bit lost with all the French jargon you have seen so far when looking for garage sales? Let's take a few minutes to give you a better definition of where to browse and shop these upcoming weekends:

  • Vide-grenier: Literally "emptying your attic", the vide-grenier is a garage or yard sale organized by individuals that want to get rid of old belongings in order to make some money. Prices are low and negociable

  • Braderie: It is initially a street clearance sale of local stores but it can also include individuals selling second-hand items. Prices are low as per the vide-grenier

  • Flea market: Street market selling second-hand goods that can include some "brocanteurs' ("junk dealers") as well as antique dealers. Prices are low as per the vide-grenier and braderie but can go higher if you are dealing with antique dealers.

  • Brocante: Bric-a-brac market that gathers "brocanteurs" who are professional traders of old and/or antique goods. You can find unique pieces of furniture as well as very old items but prices are higher than all the markets mentioned above.


The city of Grenoble lists all the upcoming vide-greniers, flea markets and brocantes (in French!) here. We have selected for you the main ones taking place in Grenoble:

September 15: Vide-grenier de l’Île Verte

From 2pm to 7pm

Location: Rue Blanche in Île Verte district / Tram B stop Île Verte

More info here

September 30, October 7, 14 and 21: Vide-grenier de l’Esplanade

From 8am to 2pm

Location: Parking lot of l'Esplanade, right below the Bastille at the entrance of Grenoble / Tram E stop Esplanade

More info here

October 7: Vide-grenier Championnet

From 8am to 6pm

Location: Championnet district / Tram C stop Gustave Rivet

More info here

The Brocante of the Saint Laurent quay is very popular

October 14: Brocante Quai Saint Laurent

Time still TBD

Location: Saint Laurent quay right under the Bastille / Tram E stop Alsace Lorraine or Esplanade

More info here


Other cities around Grenoble organize vide-greniers, flea markets and brocantes, you can see the entire list here (in Isère), you will need a car to drive there. We have selected for you the main ones:

September 16: Vide-grenier in Montbonnot-Saint-Martin

From 8am to 6pm

Location: 20 Rue Vaucanson in Montbonnot-Saint-Martin.

More info here

September 29: Flea market in Claix

From 8m to 4:30pm

Location: Chemin de Risset, Tullet / Parc de la Bâtie in Claix

More info here

October 28: Vide-grenier in Crolles

Time TBD

Location: Rue Léo Lagrange, parking de la Marelle in Crolles

More info here


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