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Welcome to Grenoble Info cafe - January 17, 2019!

Join us for relocation tips in Grenoble
Breeze Relocation - Welcome to Grenoble Info Cafe

Join us! We are hosting our first "Welcome to Grenoble - Info cafe" on January 17, 2019!

Are you new to Grenoble, or thinking about moving here? Come along with your questions on daily life and we will help you on various subjects including schools, banking, socializing, where to go shopping, home search, medical and many more.

More information available about time, location and how to register on Meet-up.


Are you relocating to Grenoble, Isère or Rhône-Alpes? At Breeze Relocation our core business is to offer relocation services to anyone moving to the heart of the French Alps. We offer personable bespoke services that include:


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