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How to finance your relocation to France?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

You are about to move to France and wonder how to finance your relocation? You don't necessarily need to use your own savings to cover these fees. There are some other ways to pay for this service and Breeze Relocation can tell you all about them!


Some companies can offer a relocation package when hiring a new collaborator. That package usually covers the costs of moving and storing furniture, travel costs and home search. Make sure you ask ahead of time or while negotiating your new work contract to see if such a package is offered or possible. Your company will then connect you with relocation agencies they work with, or you are also free to look for your own relocation agent!


However if your new company in France is in the private sector, with more than 10 employees and if you move further than 70 kms away from your home (even from abroad), you can probably qualify for the mobility assistance called MOBILI-PASS®.

MOBILI-PASS® is a housing support program funded by companies who pay into the 1% housing contribution scheme.

How does it work?

You can qualify for the mobility assistance with MOBILI-PASS® if:

  • The company you work for has 10 or more employees

  • The company you work for is in the private field

  • The company you work for pays into the '1% Logement' contribution scheme (housing support program)

  • You are starting a new permanent position or are being transferred further than 70 kms from your initial home town

  • You haven't used the MOBILI-PASS® in the last 24 months

What does it exactly cover? If you are entitled to MOBILI-PASS®, you can expect the following services:

  • Home search: the relocation agency will plan and accompany you on the visits, and assist with the lease agreement and walk-through

  • Utility connection : the relocation agency will setup water, electricity and gaz contracts

  • Others: Some agencies like Breeze Relocation will also help you with opening a bank account, setting up your Internet & phone, finding a home insurance, assisting you with applying for health insurance and childcare allowance, giving you a tour of the city and even giving you 3-months ongoing support!

Please note that the MOBILI-PASS® does not cover your deposit nor the agency fees.

Financial contribution:

  • A grant of up to 2 200 € including VAT

  • The relocation agent will then prepare your application once all his services are terminated,

  • The fees for the relocation services are then paid directly by the housing support program, '1% de logement' to the relocation agency

How can I know if I qualify?

Some companies unfortunately don't know about the MOBILI-PASS®, you can therefore contact us directly and we can assist you in finding out if your are eligible. We can then contact your HR department to explain how the company is eligible to offer this service to most of its new employees.

For more information you can also visit (information in French):

Moving to a new city or a country is a challenge! Using a relocation agent is key to the success of your move and to start the new chapter of your life. Therefore make sure you find ways to either have a relocation package offered by your company or to check if you qualify for the MOBILI-PASS®.


Are you relocating to Grenoble, Chambéry, Lyon? At Breeze Relocation our core business is to offer relocation services to anyone moving to heart of the French Alps. We offer personable services that include:


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